Noveske from Madbull custom

Noveske from Madbull custom

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Ik verkoop deze ivm met einde hobby. Verzoeken om te ruilen heb ik geen interesse in. 

Noveske from Madbull custom

Ultimate hop-up from madbull

Lonex (aka Bravo aka Ultimate) rear winded GBA-05 gearbox. The Lonex GBA-05 enhanced gearbox:
Lonex 8mm steel bearings
Lonex highly conductive silver coated wireing 
Lonex 18:1 reinforced gearset
Lonex SP120 spring
Lonex stainless steel shims
Lonex air seal nozzle with o-ring for M4/M16
Lonex enhanced tappet plate
Lonex aluminum cylinder head with double o-ring Lonex steel cylinder non-ported for 509mm to 650mm inner barrels
Lonex Enhanced 10 steel teeth piston
Lonex steel ball-bearing spring guide
Lonex reinforced, aluminum ported piston head
Lonex anti-heat selector plate
Lonex anti-heat electric switch
Lonex reinforced anti-reversal latch
Lonex hardened steel trigger
Lonex steel cutoff lever
Lonex spring set
Lonex Teflon gear grease
Lonex cylinder grease

And Gate Merf 3.2 mosfet unit with:
Controlable ROF (30 - 100%)
Fast trigger response
Active break
3 round burst mode

Noveske toprail for a 12" PRI railsystem

Madbull Noveske 18 inch outher barrel

JP Rifles Compensator by Madbull

GB-00-05 Enhanced Helical Gear Set Ultra Torque Ratio

Madbull Cobra trigger guard

Met tripod, laserpoint, drie magazijnen, een opbergtasje voor twee magazijnen, extra grip en draagband.

Zonder accu. 

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€ 500  

€ 250

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